You Are Not Prepared for How Big the LEGO Avengers Tower Is

No one can be Tony Stark or Iron Man. But with LEGO’s new Avengers Tower set, you can pretend. The massive set replicates the Avengers Tower we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not really the Tower, formerly known as Stark Tower, at any fixed point in time, but more a showpiece of a key MCU location and the Avengers who have made it their base. That’s the best way to look at it—it’s a highlights reel of the Avengers throughout the Infinity Saga in towering LEGO form. Seriously, you don’t realize how tall Avengers Tower is until you assemble it. LEGO sent Nerdist a copy to unbox and snap together, piece by piece. It’s a mostly satisfying build that dwarfs anything else in my LEGO collection.

LEGO Avengers Tower surrounded by other toys, with LEGO Marvel minifigs surrounding it

LEGO Avengers Tower Specs

The LEGO Avengers Tower comes with a whopping 5,201 pieces. (The pieces come in 39 bags!) It’s 10 inches deep, 14 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. That makes it LEGO’s tallest brick-built skyscraper. And so yes, it’s taller than the Daily Bugle set. (For what it’s worth, it’s also a far more interesting design than the Daily Bugle.) The set comes with 31 minifigures, the most ever included in a single LEGO set.

You can get the LEGO Avengers Tower for $499.99.

Building the LEGO Avengers Tower

Build Time

This is a set that will keep you occupied. I put around 13 hours into the build, most of it on my own. A little repetition comes with constructing a tall building with LEGO bricks. I felt that with the windows, of which the set has many. So many. In fact, it has the most windows in a single LEGO set. But watching it all come together to form the elegant outline of the skyscraper made it worth it.

The front of Avengers Tower open showing scenes made with LEGO Marvel minifigs

Overall Design

If you have any LEGO City buildings, the Avengers Tower will bring a drastic change to your cityscape. It adds plenty of height and it brings another style of building to put alongside your shops. Adding it to a LEGO City street also means you can scatter some of the minifigs through town. The Kevin Feige minifig should, for example, be guzzling coffee at a café. Instead of attaching a Chitauri Leviathan to the tower, it could be casually invading your LEGO City. You have a lot of posing possibilities.

The options are dang near endless if you construct the tower as a standalone piece, too. You can dangle Hulk and Chitauri warriors off the side or remove the front of the building to showcase scenes from the history of the MCU Avengers. Though one quick note: if you’re used to LEGO City buildings with multiple floors, you are accustomed to the modular way of LEGO life. The Avengers Tower is not modular. Once you get a floor into place, it remains there.

Overall, it’s an architecturally sharp design. I wouldn’t have pegged LEGO as the best medium to bring the Avengers Tower and its curvy building to life, but it’s beautiful. The building’s construction and the storytelling present throughout come together as a tribute to the Marvel superhero team. Once you complete assembly, you’ll see every part of the building has things happening. It’s literally covered in content.

LEGO Marvel minifigs crowded in front of Avengers Tower with Hulk hanging off the front

As mentioned earlier, the set comes with 31 minifigs, which is a lot. I would not have chosen the same 31 minifigs. Multiple Tony Stark figures come with the set, but no Bruce Banner. Meanwhile some other minifigs have no direct connection to Avengers Tower, nor are they part of the Avengers.


This actually isn’t a surprise, because LEGO always delivers when it comes to detail, but the design goes above and beyond with discovery. It comes with a Captain Marvel beeper to put behind the building. A LEGO shawarma is by the dumpster. Maybe you’ve seen lots of photos or videos of the Avengers Tower set online. Even if you have, discovering and building the Easter eggs and all the MCU scenes is a delight. The set has two Captain America minifigs just to recreate the America’s a*s scene from Endgame. One of the upper floors has a Quinjet launchpad that has room for the ship to roll in and out of place. Those are only a few of the little touches in the set, and they really make it.

In summary, the LEGO Avengers Tower is a beast of a build that shows off the best of the Avengers. The designers are clearly giant MCU nerds, and we appreciate them for it. If you love the MCU and have a passion for LEGO, this is a set to save for.

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