All the New Spider-Man Variants We Saw in the ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Trailer and Poster

The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer is chock-full of cameos from arachnid heroes from across the multiverse. Spider-Man 2099 joins Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy this time, as does Spider-Woman and Spider-Punk, who you can see in the production art below. But who else did we spot in the new trailer? Quite a few. Here are just some of the Spider-Man variants and variations that stuck out to us in the most recent Across the Spider-Verse trailer and marketing.

Spider-Punk, a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Sony Pictures Animation

The PS4 Spider-Man Variant Joins the Spider-Verse

PS4 Spider-Man, a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.

We saw the distinctive red, white, and blue Spider-Man costume from the Insomniac PS4 game in the trailer, making the game a canonical part of the Spider-Verse. It’s not just the MCU where “it’s all connected” these days. Our own spidey-sense told us this very popular variant of Peter Parker would show up, and it seems we were not wrong.

Spider-Cop, at your service

Spider-Cop in the Acros the Spider-Verse trailer
Sony Pictures Animation

At first, we thought he was a gag made just for the movie; a “Spider-Cop” directing traffic in the multiversal hub. But no, there was a Spider-Cop in the comics once. Not that long ago, in fact. The NYPD’s Spider-Cop debuted in 2018’s Spider-Geddon #4 and 5.

The Amazing Spider-Clones

The various Spider-Clones from Marvel Comics.
Marvel Comics

There have been several notable “Spider-Clones” over the years. The most famous of these was Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider. But there wasn’t just him. There was Kaine, Ultimate Spider-Woman, and the Spider-Girl who was April Parker, yet another Peter clone. The last two with their Y chromosome taken out, of course. We see what appears to be all of these genetic copies in the trailer.

Spider-Man Unlimited‘s Distinctive Spidey Costume Appears

Spider-Man Unlimited
Marvel Entertainment

Although not as beloved as the 1994-97 Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the follow-up cartoon, 1999’s Spider-Man: Unlimited, does have its fans. It’s a weird show, where Peter Parker wore a nanotech suit designed by Reed Richards, and had adventures on the High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth, populated by human/animal hybrids (and which will appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3). The show was very short-lived, but we spotted the distinctive costume swinging around in the trailer. We can’t wait to see more of this new Spider-Man variant in Across the Spider-Verse.

Flash Thompson, Spider-Jock.

Flash Thompson as Captain Spider in '70s Marvel Comics.
Marvel Comics

The beefy Spidey we saw walking around in the letterman’s jacket? We’re pretty sure he’s a nod to “Captain Spider,” a version of Spider-Man who was Peter’s high school tormentor, Flash Thompson. He first appeared in What if? #7, way back in 1977.

Spider-Girl (May “Mayday” Parker) Joins the Spider-Verse World

Spider-Girl, May Parker
Marvel Comics

In the MC2 universe, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson married and had a daughter. Young May “Mayday” Parker inherited her dad’s powers and embarked on a heroic career as the amazing Spider-Girl. We’re pretty sure we saw someone wearing her signature web shooters and costume in the trailer. We definitely saw Peter B. Parker with a baby (art below), which confirms the infant version of Mayday.

It seems we might eve get two versions of Peter’s ginger kiddo. But, hey, two Across the Spider-Verse baby Spider-Man variants? Sign us up.

Baby May Parker from Across the Spider-Verse. This is a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Sony Pictures Animation

Lady Spider Is One of the Spider-People in the Trailer

Lady Spider, May Reilly.
Marvel Comics

Hailing from Earth-803, Maybelle Reilly (a young version of Peter’s Aunt May) is a kind of steampunk arachnid hero Spider-Man variant. She doesn’t have spider-powers, but instead built web-shooters and mechanical spider arms in a perpetual Industrial Revolution-style world. She debuted in the first issue of the Spider-Verse comic series back in 2014 and became a member of the Web Warriors. Given the Spider-Man films’ tendencies to age Aunt May younger and younger, having Lady Spider pop up as a new variant in Across the Spider-Verse makes sense.

Superior Spider-Man a.k.a the Doc Ock Variant Joins Spider-Verse

Doctor Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man.
Marvel Comics

Although we only see a glimpse of his costume, we spotted the unmistakable color scheme of the Superior Spider-Man. For a year or so, Peter Parker’s old foe, Doc Ock, took control of his body. But when Dr. Octopus had access to his mind, he gained access to his memories. Changed by the knowledge of Peter’s heroism, he became the Superior Spider-Man. He was still a total jerk, though.

Spinneret and Spiderling Are a Spider-Family in Spider-Verse

The Spider-family.
Marvel Comics

In yet another universe from the pages of Marvel Comics, Peter and MJ married and had a different child. But this version of Mary Jane had spider-powers, gained through a suit that siphoned some of her husband’s abilities, and she went by the name Spinneret. Her daughter, Anna May “Annie” Parker, inherited her parent’s powers and became Spiderling. You can clearly see these two Spider-Man variants walking together in the new Across the Spider-Verse trailer.

’90s Silver Armor Spider-Man Variant Briefly Appears

Spider-Man 1990s armor. This is new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Marvel Comics

In the early ’90s, everyone in comics had a moment where they needed armor. Even Superman, for some reason. Keeping with the trends of the day, Spidey had a suit of silver and black armor, that although short-lived, lived on as many an action figure. We’re pretty sure we saw ’90s armored Spidey in the mix as one of the new Across the Spider-Verse Spider-People.

Mangaverse Spider-Man Joins the Spider-Verse Variants

Mangaverse Spider-Man, a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Marvel Comics

In the early 2000s, Marvel created manga versions of their iconic heroes, Naturally, one was “manga Spider-Man.” This version of Peter Parker, hailing from Earth-2301, was a member of the ninja warriors known as the Spider Clan. His Sensei, Ben Parker, trained him in their ways. He became the last member of the Spider Clan after Venom kills Ben under orders from the Kingpin. We spotted the Mangaverse Spider-Man variant walking alone in the Spider-Verse trailer.

2003 Animated Series Spider-Man Gets New Life

2003 Animated Spider-Man a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Marvel Entertainment

Another often dismissed Spidey came from the 2003 MTV Spider-Man animated series. Many folks have probably forgotten about this Spider-Man cartoon. His costume is pretty classic, so it’s hard to tell him apart from the classic Spider-Man look. But the physicality of one of the Spider-People we saw in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer suggests to us it’s that very same Peter Parker variant.

Flipside Is Spider-Man 2099’s Foe

Spider-Man 2099 villain Flipside
Marvel Comics

Flipside was an android who could mimic the powers of anyone it came in contact with (kind of like DC Comics’ Amazo). In the future, he copied Spider-Man 2099’s powers and became a thorn in his side. We’re pretty sure we saw him wandering around in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer. And with Spider-Man 2099 playing a big role in the movie, we’re even more convinced Flipside will appear.

The Spidey Who Howls at the Moon

Yes, Peter Parker has more than one animal inside him. That’s a werewolf version of Spider-Man we see among the others. This furry and fanged Spidey hails from the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness comics. We don’t think Ash will fight him in the movie though. Just a guess.

Spider-Man MK II “Bulletproof” Armor Variant Exists in the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Bulletproof armor.
Marvel Comics

Back in 2011, Peter Parker lost his spider-sense, which is what enabled him to dodge bullets the way he does. So he concocted a black and gold “bulletproof” armor, similar to Tony Stark’s. Although the technical name for it was the Spider-Armor MK II. We see a new Spider-Man variant wearing that very armor in the Spider-Verse trailer, sitting down and chillin’ with another Spidey.

Anya Corazón (Spider-Girl, Araña) Is One of Spider-Verse’s New Spider-People

Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon.
Marvel Comics

Going by the names Araña (Spanish for spider) and Spider-Girl both, Anya Corazón was a Mexican Puerto Rican teen living in New York, who got spider powers when a group called the Spider Society performed a ritual on her. This happened when the Society gave Anya a mystical spider tattoo. She’s been a fairly regular part of the Spider-family ever since, and one can see her distinctive black and white costume in the trailer. We’re really excited to see this one of Spider-Man’s variants come to life in the Spider-Verse.

The Bombastic Bagman Is Our Favorite New Spider-Verse Variant

The Bombastic Bagman
Marvel Comics

“The Bombastic Bagman” was the name Peter Parker jokingly took when his costume was damaged. So as to not swing around New York City naked, he borrowed a Fantastic Four costume from their HQ and put a brown paper bag over his head. Sadly, Sony does not have the rights to the Fantastic Four, so they obscured the FF logo on Bagman’s chest. But we love that this Spider-Man variant made the Spider-Verse cut anyway.

Miles Morales Spider-Man meets the Bombastic Bag-Man. This is a new Spider-Man Variant as seen in Across the Spider-Verse trailer.
Sony Pictures Animation

Earth X Spider-Man Creator Hints at Spider-Verse Variant

Earth-X was another multiversal comics story from the 2000s, that saw a version of Peter Parker that retired after a series of tragedies. Could the familiar-feeling Spider-Man variant we saw in the trailer be the one from Alex Ross’ series? Alex Ross seems to think so.

Spider-Man: India‘s Spidey Variant Arrives in Style

Spider-Man India from Across the Spider-Verse.
Sony Pictures Animation

Another Spidey from the comics who got a total redesign for Across the Spider-Verse is the Spider-Man from India. Pavitr Prabhakar definitely got a costume upgrade, as seen in this production art. We dig it.

New Spider-Man Suits and People on Across the Spider-Verse‘s Poster

The newly released Across the Spider-Verse posters feature even more new spider-folk not seen in the trailer. And a few that are very exciting to longtime fans.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse teaser poster.
Sony Pictures Animation

Spider-Woman II (Julia Carpenter) Appears as a Spider-Verse Variant

Spider-Woman II, a.k.a. Julia Carpenter.
Sony Pictures Animation

Yes, Jessica Drew is in this film. But she’s not the only Spider-Woman. The new poster clearly shows Spider-Woman II, Julia Carpenter, is also a part of the Spider-Verse. She is also sometimes known as Madame Web.

Spider-Cat (Earth-999) Is a Spider-Person in Spirit

Spider-Cat and Web-Slinger, the cowboy Spidey.
Sony Pictures Animation

First appearing in 2011’s Spider-Island crossover event, yes folks, that is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Cat from Earth-999. Who can say no to a cat who is also one of the Spider-People?

Web-Slinger (Cowboy Spider-Man) Rides into the Spider-Verse

Right below Spidey-Cat on the Across the Spider-Verse poster is Web-Slinger, the cowboy Spidey from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series on Disney XD.

“Ends of the Earth” Armor Spider-Man Has Suited Up as a Spider-Verse Variant

Ends of the Earth armor Spider-Man.
Sony Pictures Animation

In the 2012 comics storyline “Ends of the Earth,” Peter Parker used Horizon Labs’ vast resources to create a special armor to fight the Sinister Six. You can see the MKIII armor in the poster as well.

Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker Swoops Into Action

The Peter Parker from the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.
Marvel Entertainment

In the bottom right of the international Spider-Verse poster is the Peter Parker from the 2008-2009 Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. That show has quite a following, so many fans will be pleased.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse international poster.
Sony Pictures Animation

Spider-Byte (Earth 22191) Has Been Downloaded into the Spider-Verse

Next to Spider-Punk is the computerized Spidey, Spider-Byte.
Sony Pictures Animation

The computerized, TRON-looking character to the left of Spider-Punk is Spider-Byte, who first appeared in 2018’s Vault of Spiders. This particular Spider-Person helps to fight cybercrime.

Sun-Spider (Earth 20023) Joins the Fun as a Spider-Verse Variant

Wearing a baseball cap is Sun-Spider.
Sony Pictures Animation

The spider-person with the backward baseball cap on? That’s Sun-Spider, a hero whose real name is Charlotte Webber (yes, really). She’s a recent creation, appearing in the 2019 Spider-Verse comics

Spider-Carnage Bears His Teeth

Spider-Carnage, who is the deadly symbiote inside Peter Parker.
Sony Pictures Animation

This vampire-lookin’ Spidey in the Across the Spider-Verse poster is probably Spider-Carnage. Although we supposed there’s an outside chance that it’s vampire Spider-Man. Spider-Carnage is a meld of a Spider-Man and the symbiote Carnage. He seeks the destruction of reality.


Spyder-Knight.,between Ps4 Spidey and Mary Jane Spider-Woman.
Sony Pictures Animation

His outfit might be slightly different, but the medieval knight Spider-Man is called “Spyder-Knight,” and first popped in a 2015 episode of Ultimate Spider-Man. We’re guessing the “Y” in “Spyder” sounds more old-timey? This Peter Parker hails from Arthurian times, and the wizard Merlyn was his mentor. We see him clearly in the Spider-Verse international poster. He’s nestled right between PS4 Peter and Spinneret.

All the Spider-Man Variants in Across the Spider-Verse

Of course, we expect many more surprise Across the Spider-Verse Spider-people before it’s all said and done. Maybe we could even see Tom, Tobey, and Andrew variants appear in the Spider-Verse? As long as the ’70s Japanese Spider-Man shows up, we’ll be happy.

The movie has even challenged us to pair some mysterious symbols with their appropriate Spider-People variants.

Across the Spider-Verse Spider-People Symbols
Sony Pictures Animation

Can you do that after reading this article?

Originally published December 13, 2022.

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