Pixar’s SOUL, TURNING RED, and LUCA Are Heading to Theaters for the First Time

The pandemic prevented or delayed the theatrical release of many movies. More than one studio leveraged the closure of theaters to boost their streaming services, including Disney+. Disney made the baffling decision to premiere three Pixar movies directly on Disney+: Soul, Luca, and Turning Red. The latter was especially confusing, as it released in March 2022. Theaters had been open again for months. But now, whatever decisions were made in the past, these three Pixar movies are coming to theaters nationwide. We can finally see Soul, Luca, and Turning Red in the format they (and all the people who worked on them) deserve.

That trailer is a brief reminder of how excellent each of these movies is. Rewatching them on Disney+ hasn’t been the same. Plus, now that Pixar movies will be in theaters, they each get the traditional animated short film airing ahead of them. Even though the shorts aren’t new, it’s comforting to see these films following form.

Here’s the release schedule:

  • Soul with “Burrow” – January 12
  • Turning Red with “Kitbull” – February 9
  • Luca with “For the Birds” – March 22
A trio of posters for Soul, Turning Red, and Luca showing the release dates for the Pixar movies in theaters

We can’t wait to go see our friends on the big screen.

Featured Image: Pixar

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