THE MENDING CIRCLE Is a Witchy RPG About Hope and Healing

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One of the best parts of roleplaying games is sinking into the storytelling and letting loose with friends. And one of the more challenging parts of roleplaying games is finding a consistent game master who will do all the work and preparation to create the space for storytelling. Enter Sharkbomb Studios’ The Mending Circle. This gentle-sounding roleplaying game doesn’t require a game master or extensive prep. Made for exactly three players, The Mending Circle takes the group on a journey of healing.

An illustration of three witches sitting around a glowing plant on the cover of The Mending Circle RPG
Kholouz/Sharkbomb Studios

The Mending Circle‘s designer Martin Nerurkar started working on the game when he was recovering from burnout. It took time for Nerurkar to finish the first edition, released digitally. Now he’s back with the second edition, a cozy and wholesome roleplaying game in which the players come together as a coven of three witches sent to help someone in need. The Mending Circle‘s full synopsis is as follows:

In The Mending Circle you tell healing stories together.
At their heart is always one or more of the Torn: someone in a state of pain or anxiety and in need of support. Most likely they are scared, poor, isolated or marginalized in some way that makes it difficult for them to access help themselves. This pain does not come from a physical ache but rather from a metaphorical, emotional wound. If it persists it often leads to more suffering radiating outwards.
But this Wound catches the attention of three witches that set out to help. Using your magical charms you will help and guide the process of healing. As a first step the Torn needs to reach a state of relative safety and stability. Only after this is achieved can they confront the source of their pain and gain awareness. Finally, they have to make a new meaning for themselves to move forward.

The game features a D6 system, quick start scenarios, and a 130+ page sourcebook. Given the vulnerable nature of the game, you’ll likely want to play with people you already know and feel comfortable being open with.

The Mending Circle is available to back on Kickstarter now.

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